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Tucsen Photonics Co.,Ltd.--A Certified HDMI Adopter

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Product Release

In August 2014, Xintu Photonics Co.,Ltd awarded the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) International Certificate of Authorization issued by HDMI associate. 



How Important the HDMI Certification is?

For customers, HDMI Certification represents two issues of crucial importance:
1. Using certified HDMI products can avoid commercial and legal disputes;
2. Certified HDMI products guarantee the quality, standard, and compatibility of the transmission signals.


What is the HDMI? 

HDMI, which means “High Definition Multimedia Interface”, is a digital video/audio interface technology for videotransmission. The advantages of the technology as follows: it can transmit video and audio signals at the same time; the maximum speed can reach 18 Gbps; signals are not required for A/D or D/A conversion before transmission. Besides, with High-bandwidth Digital-content Copy Protection (HDCP), HDMI can prevent the videos which own copyright from unauthorized copying and have the extra space for future upgrade.


Xintu Photonics Co.,Ltd., with its excellent HDMI camera quality and outstanding innovation, has been certified as a member of HDMI associate, which completely assure the legal sales and high quality of our products. For your legitimate rights, please recognize the “HDMI” logo. You can visit the sites to query:

TrueChrome II High-Definition Color Camera

TrueChrome II high-definition color camera, equipped with HDMI interface and transmitting date without compressing, is the newest amazing tour de force of Tucsen scientific camera series. It really has the perfect reduction ability for high-definition color image.


Which fields the TrueChrome II could apply to? 

1.Scientific research, education (teaching, demonstration and academic exchanges)
2.Digital laboratory, medical research
3.Industrial visual (PCB examination, IC quality control)
4.Medical treatment (pathological observation)
5.Food (microbial colony observation and counting)
6.Aerospace, military (high sophisticated weapons)


More details please contact TUCSEN Products Consultant: TEL: +86-591-87678063 

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