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Technical Features
Scientific Image Sensor
The Dhyana series use sCMOS sensors, compared to a CCD structure, sCMOS differs because amplification and A/D conversion takes place on the sensor. Each column of pixels is connected to a high gain and low gain amplifier followed by an A/D converter. Therefore, sCMOS not only has the advantage of low readout noise and high sensitivity, but also high-speed CMOS readout speed.
Industrial size
The Dhyana uncooled series is designed to meet the needs of customers in more fields. It is designed specifically for industrial environments. The camera's shape has been optimized to be compact and robust.
Ultra-low light imaging
The Dhyana series is highly sensitive and designed for industrial applications in scientific or very low light environments. Among them, the minimum detectable illumination of Dhyana 901 is 0.0001lux, and it has been successfully applied in bio fluorescence imaging, spectrometry and industrial detection.
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