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TUCSEN has three independently developed professional imaging software: ①. Mosaic V2.0: From the user\\\'s point of view, redefining the image acquisition - editing - measurement - report output workflow process, taking into account the best operating procedures, greatly saves the operating time, effectively improving productivity.②. Mosaic: Tailored for Dhyana, professional image analysis and processing functions. ③. TCapture: The user-friendly interface, complete camera parameter control, advanced image processing functions, live and still image measurements provide for highly efficient workflow;


1. Mosaic V2.0: support the following camera: MIchrome 5 Pro/20/6 | GT 2.0/5.0/ | TrueChrome Metrics

2. Mosaic: support the following camera: Dhyana 95/400BSI/400DC/400D

3. TCapture: support the following camera:TrueChrome Metrics/IIS/II/HD Lite | DigiRetina16/500/DigiSwift | ISH1000/500/300/130 | X1000/500


Driver installation

1. Connect the camera to the computer, open the corresponding CD, find the driver in the CD, or download the required driver directly from the download below. 2. Run the driver, and click [Next] to install it by default, and finally click [Finish] to Finish; 3. Open the device manager of the computer to check whether the camera driver installation is successful; 4. When the drive installation is successful, the camera will appear under the image processing device without any yellow marks.

Software installation

1. Open the CD, find the software program on the CD, or download the required software directly from the download below. 2. Run the software program, and click the default installation according to the prompt. 3. Click "finish" and the system desktop will generate the shortcut automatically. 4. If the old version of the software is installed in the system, the installer will detect and prompt you to unload and install the new version after unloading. If you are using old software, make sure you turn off the old software before you uninstall it, or you will fail.


Software--Mosaic1.6--Dhyana Series  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Software--TCapture5.1--TrueChrome | DigiRetina | ISH Series  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Software--TCapture4.3--CCD | X1000/500 Camera  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Driver--Cooperate with all cameras  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Software--Mosaic2.0--MIchrome&GT Series and TrueChrome Metrics  EXE Download  ZIP Download
Plugin--Cooperate with all cameras  EXE Download  ZIP Download