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DigiRetina Series

The combination of a USB3.0 high speed data interface, CMOS sensor and built-in ISP image processing engine,results in spectacular image quality at very stable high frame rates.


Perfect Color Reproduction

USB3.0 High-speed interface


Driver installation

1. Connect the camera to the computer, open the corresponding CD, find the driver in the CD, or download the required driver directly from the download below. 2. Run the driver, and click [Next] to install it by default, and finally click [Finish] to Finish; 3. Open the device manager of the computer to check whether the camera driver installation is successful; 4. When the drive installation is successful, the camera will appear under the image processing device without any yellow marks.


Tucsen camera manual(TCapture)  PDF Download  ZIP Download
TCapture Instruction Manual  PDF Download  ZIP Download
DigiRetina Series  PDF Download  ZIP Download