[ Trigger Mode ] What is Trigger Mode?


Operating a camera with external ‘Triggers’ means that the timing of image acquisition is determined through precisely timed trigger signals, rather than operating on the internal timing clock of the camera. This allows the camera to synchronize its acquisition with other hardware or events, or offer precisely controlled acquisition framerates.


Introductions to Tucsen camera trigger mode with SMA interface

‘Hardware’ triggers mean that the signal to acquire an image comes from external hardware, delivered via a simple electronic pulse along the trigger interface cable, for example a 0 volt signal changing to a 5 volt signal. The camera also offers output signals, indicating to other hardware what state the camera is in. This simple and universal digital communication standard allows many different types of hardware to interface with each other and the camera for precise and very high speed synchronization and control. For example, the camera could be triggered to acquire an image once some hardware has finished moving or changing state between camera frames.

‘Software’ triggers mean that the camera is again not operating on its own internal timing, but this time the triggers to acquire frames are delivered via the data interface cable from the computer, with the acquisition software sending the triggers.

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