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Technical Features
Professional weak optical high speed imaging camera
MH15 comes from the H series of tucsen professional camera, They have very low readout noise level and good performance of the sensitivity, to bring you pure and beautiful picture quality, and perfect combination of sensitivity and speed. Is the pursuit of the details of the performance, high-speed and weak optical imaging applications rare tools.
Pure and beautiful picture quality
MH15 has no more than 3 charge readout noise, greatly reducing the impact of the noise signal to the weak light signal, has brought an excellent wide dynamic range effect. And supports 12 bit A/D digital conversion, in the retention of more details of the image of the shadow, but also to highlight the details of the image display to the extreme.
High speed weak optical imaging
MH15 camera with the perfect combination of sensitivity and speed. Using the MH15 camera in the DAPI fluorescence, the excitation light imaging of the leaves of the green plants can be achieved at 10 frames per second. Let you focus, search and preview the fluorescent target in the dynamic picture. For some weak light motion, MH15 can also be used to obtain and dynamic video images, which greatly improve the application range of weak optical imaging.
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