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Technical Features
Simple and easy to use professional camera
ISH1000, ISH500 and ISH300 belong to Tucsen professional camera H series is a new generation of Tucson scientific CMOS camera, the effective pixel are 1000 million, 500 million and 3 million. They provide a strong plug and play support, easy to operate, and with powerful imaging software, you are a good choice for laboratory teaching, medical industry and other fields.
Fast image preview
ISH1000/500/300 supports high-speed preview, you can easily and quickly complete the various settings for the camera. Fast dynamic image acquisition enables the ISH1000/500/300 to be used in many occasions, in the field of education and medical industry research is a good performance.
USB2.0 plug and play
ISH1000/500/300 provides a powerful plug and play support, you can simultaneously connect to a computer on the same platform for the use of more than one camera. If you need another camera, you just connect it to your computer and use it directly.
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