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USB3.0 High-speed interface

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1. Use USB3.0 cable to connect the camera to the PC .Use ISCapture software to control it.


1. Start the software and get the camera recognized, but the preview is all black.

Check whether the anti-dust cap on the camera C-mount is removed. If already removed and attach the camera to the microscope, check whether the lighting path toggle switch to the camera. Then try to extend exposure time and Gain to get brighter images.

2. The imaging scene from the eyepiece is in focus but the live images from the camera are still out of focus.

This is because the camera and the eyepiece are in different focal planes. Can consider to use adjustable adapter to connect camera to the microscope trinocular, the adjust the adapter to make the live image in focus.

3. When installing the software,the system displays the shield logo.

If you install third-party antivirus software and firewall software, antivirus software and firewall software will delete DLL Dynamic link library file automatically and result in software file is missing. In this case, if the system prompted you to isolate or delete, you should need to choose to ignore this operation or open the anti-virus software to trust it.

4. How to do quick White Balance?

White Balance while attach camera to stereomicroscope: Use a white paper to replace the sample --> Click on ‘White Balance’ to correct the image color --> Remove the white paper and put back the sample. White Balance while attach the camera to the biological microscope: Move the sample slide to the blank area --> Click on ‘White Balance’ --> move back the sample.

5. After installing TCapture software, the system displays error when you start to open software.

It is because that the system does not have the Visual C++ 32bit Runtime library which included some Visual C++ library function, the software can not call the library file, it lead to fail to start software.

6. Whether calibration table can be Shared between different computer?

1.If the software version is V4.0 or below, you can open the system disk and find ‘Application Data\TCapture CalibrationTable.ini’, then copy the file to another computer under the same path. 2. If the software version is V4.0 or above, you can click ‘Parameter>Backup’ to save the calibration table in the software. What you do is only to copy the file to other computers, then use TCapture V4.0 to load parameter.

7. Whether there is another way to take a picture and record except manual?

When the software is update to V3.6.6 ISCapture or above versions, press F9 key is to take pictures, press F10 is to record. If it is on manual recording mode, press F11 to end the video.

8. In the preview image, the screen appears a lot of interference fringes.

It is because that the frequency between outside of a light source and the sensor is not consistent. You can improve it by increasing the exposure time, reducing the gain, or close the light source such as incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp.

9. After installing the software, the software can not be started and the system displays ‘libusb0.dll is missing’.

When this happened, please connect with our after-sales technical support to solve this problem.

10. When starting the software, the system displays ‘TCapture.exe –Application Error’.

When you system is win xp, you can delete the document which the file path is ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\TCapture’ When you system is win 7/8, you can delete the document which the file path is ‘C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\ISCapture’. Technical service hotline: 400-075-8880

11. When starting the software, the system displays ‘TCapture.exe - Could not find components’.

Completely remove the TCapture, reboot the PC and then right-click on TCapture installer (TCapture Setup.exe) and select ‘Run as Administrator’ to install the TCapture. When firstly start the software, please also right-click on the TC icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’ to start it.

12. When you use the file name to save picture after taken, the name of the thumbnail of saved picture turn into messy code.

Firstly, please confirm regional language of system. If it is right, the problem still exists, please connect with our customer service technical support.


Tucsen camera manual(TCapture)  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Windows MSVCP100.dll (Missing system patches)  EXE Download  ZIP Download