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TCapture is the professional imaging software application developed by Tucsen for full control of Tucsen cameras. It fully demonstrates the power of Tucsen cameras. The user-friendly interface, complete camera parameter control, advanced image processing functions, live and still image measurements provide for highly efficient workflow. Moreover, the TCapture is completely free of charge. To satisfy the user’s application needs, Tucsen continually upgrades TCapture. Users can enjoy the latest version software without any extra charge.


Camera control & image management

Fluorescence imaging

Image processing


Image Browsing


Click on ‘White Balance’ to correct the image color --> Remove the white paper and replace the sample. White Balance while the camera is fitted to a biological microscope: Move the sample slide to the blank area --> Click on ‘White Balance’ --> move back the sample.

13. Unable to change the resolution when using third-party software to control Tucsen cameras via Twain

"a. Minimize the preview window (Note: do NOT close the preview window) b. Go to the software main interface and select the twain source name and click ""Cancel"". c. Restore the preview window. Now the resolution can be set. d. Go to the software main interface and select the twain source name again and click ""OK""."

14. On preview images, lots of horizontal lines appear.

This is because of the ambient lighting frequency. Extend exposure time or turn any local filament lamps or fluorescent lamps.

15. When using the file name to save a picture, the name of the thumbnail of saved picture becomes corrupted.

Firstly, confirm regional language of system. If it is correct and the problem still persists, please connect with our customer service technical support.

16. The use note of TCapture software

It is recommended to check the camera installation status before using the TCapture. Go to Device Manager-->Imaging Device to check whether there is any yellow flag with the camera. If there is a flag, then the driver is not installed properly. Please try to re-install the camera driver.


TCapture Instruction Manual  PDF Download  ZIP Download